Date of first number – August, 1978, last number appeared 1981. 22 numbers were issued.

The editor was Vytautas Skuodis with the help of Albertas Zvicevičius, Stasys Stungurys (edited language of some texts), Albertas Žilinskas. The editor prepared 21 numbers. He managed to issue 17 numbers till his arrest. He prepared four numbers additionally and they were multiplied and disseminated by Albertas Žilinskas and Birutė Burauskaitė. They with Danutė Keršiūtė prepared and issued last number. It was intended to the trial process of V. Skuodis, Gintautas Iešmantas and Povilas Pečeliūnas.

G. Iešmantas was the author of about one-third of the texts. Articles of Liudas Dambrauskas, S. Stungurys, Antanas Terleckas, Vacys Milius were published.

Editor himself, D. Keršiūtė, Bronė Šeštokaitė multiplied the periodical.

The magazine was devoted to social and political issues. G. Iešmantas political, philosophical tractates criticized soviet order and regime by the means of Eurocommunist philosophy. Not a few translations from Russian samizdat were posted along with original publicist texts about conformity, dangers to the Lithuanian language and impact of soviet occupation to nation. Ideological discussion with nationalist circle around A. Terleckas was published.

Part of numbers reached West; some of them were reprinted.

Multiplied with a typewriter. Size: 14x22 – 15x21 cm. Volume: 32-142 pages.

Year of publication

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