Years of publication 1975-1988; were issued 61 numbers.

Initiator of publication was Rev. Pranciškus Račiūnas, he wrote the editorial of the first number. Editors were Rev. Sigitas Tamkevičius, Rev. Lionginas Kunevičius. Language editor was Rev. Kazimieras Jonas Ambrasas. Multiplied nun Elena Šuliauskaitė, Rev. L. Kunevičius, Lolita Kurklinskaitė – Panzer.

The catholic magazine, main theme was analysis of the national questions. It continued numbering of XIX century periodical “Auszra” (it was underground gazette while czarist rule of Lithuania and was very important for national-revival movement of Lithuanians). Beginning of the periodical was boosted by the fact, that editors of “The Chronicle of the Catholic Church in Lithuania” accumulated publicistic, historical texts that didn’t fit to the format and character to that periodical.

Main areas of interest were: history and culture of Lithuania; resistance and dissident movement in Lithuania and spreading information about persecution of its members; activities of Catholic Committee for the Defense of the Rights of Believers; russification and colonization of Lithuania; cultural restraints and extermination of heritage.

35 numbers were reprinted in USA; articles were aired to Lithuania by radio stations from the West.

Multiplied by a typewriter, copier (ERA), spirit duplicator. Size: 42x20 – 21x30 cm. Volume 27-67 pages.

Year of publication

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