Year of publication: 1979, first number appeared in the eve of 16th of February (the day of Independence of Lithuania, forbidden to commemorate in soviet times). Four numbers were published.

Publishers – fictional “Organizational group of the free press”. The editor was Povilas Pečeliūnas. His fiancée Danutė Keršiūtė multiplied it with a typewriter, Anastazas Janulis and Povilas Buzas multiplied it with a copier ERA. P. Pečeliūnas wrote most of the articles. Other authors of published texts: D. Keršiūtė, Vacys Milius, Viktorija Navickienė, Milda Pesliakienė, Albertas Ruzgas, Vytautas Skuodis.

Catholic cultural magazine for the intelligentsia and the youth. It was published with intention to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the Vilnius University. Therefore, initial plans were to let it only one year, four numbers (one in quarter) one hundred pages each in such manner symbolizing Vilnius University anniversary. Afterwards, there were plans to continue periodical with the new name. These plans were aborted by arrest of editor 9th of January 1980. D. Keršiūtė multiplied and disseminated last, fourth number of “Alma mater”, which was fully prepared by editor.

Texts of the periodical covered political, philosophical, historical and other topics, there were publications of poetry and fiction pieces.

All numbers of periodical reached West, part of the texts were aired by Voice of America and Vatican radio stations to Lithuania, three numbers were reprinted.

Technical data: multiplied with a typewriter and copier, cover was painted and multiplied in printing house. Size: 15x20 – 15x21, volume – 100 pages.

Year of publication

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