This website contains Lithuania’s periodical samizdat, published in the soviet times. This publication is based on scientific principles. The purpose of this publication is to collect and publish all the underground publications (their photocopies and texts) that had been published in 70’s and 80’s. Other purpose is to create the database that will allow not only reading publications but also searching for words or phrases in them.

How to use? In order to read a particular publication, you need to select its title from the list on the left or top, the year of publication then will be displayed, the numbers that were published in that year will be displayed after selecting the year and particular publication will be open after selecting number of it. The left side contains the content of the publication; the photocopies of the pages of the publication are in the middle and the text of those pages is on the right side. There are ten pages in one opening for convenience sake. You can walk between the openings by the links that are below the content. Specific article can be opened by clicking on the article title in the content – that will open page with the beginning of the article. Search box is at the top of the page and searched words are highlighted in results.

Only main facts and short histories about periodicals are presented in English there are no translations of articles at that moment, but there are plans to do so in the future.

How can I help? You have information about Lithuania’s samizdat or possess such periodicals and want to share with it – contact. If you found an error, incorrect English grammar – tick the word or phrase and forward it to us.

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